Tuesday, March 1, 2016

All-New X-Men #5

   This is the first issue of (the latest version of) All-New X-Men that really didn't work for me.

   That's because everyone - including the bad guy - acts like they have no sense.

   It all starts with the Blob brutally beating up the new Wolverine. He's angry because he has some kind of huge animal he's killed and he can't get a chef to cook it. First World problems, am I right?

   The rest of the X-Men just kind of wander in and out of the scene, with a few side trips for some romantic angst and lots of destruction to the beautiful city of Paris.

   And one of the team members yells at God, a scene that just seems to hop in there out of left field.

   It's the damage to Paris that really bothers me. Such a beautiful city, it deserves better.

   (But then. so do X-Men fans.)

Grade: B-


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