Monday, February 1, 2016

King Conan: Wolves Beyond the Border #2 (of 4)

   As a longtme Conan fan, I'm thrilled to see the older version of that character - King Conan - back in a new mini-series based on an unfinished Robert E. Howard story, "Wolves Beyond the Border."

   It features the return of the creative team of writer Tim Truman, artist Tomas Giorello and color artist Jose Villarrubia - my all-time favorite team on the barbarian (though Thomas and Windsor-Smith also belong in the discussion).

   This series brings us a raw, unfiltered approach to Conan's adventures. Here we find the king trying to smuggle a mystic crown through the land of the Picts, the primitive and warlike enemies of the Aquilonians (the people Conan is now king of).

   Of course, it doesn't go well, and there are ambushes, brutal (brutal brutal) fights aplenty, a horrific fate and a showdown with mystic forces.

   Throw in some humor, great characters and amazing artwork and you have another terrific comic in the King Conan series.

   More than any other version in recent history, this is Conan. Accept no substitutes.

Grade: A


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