Monday, February 15, 2016

Guardians of the Galaxy #5

   Five issues into the latest incarnation of Guardians of the Galaxy and the series finally seems to be getting to where it needs to be.

   After a sidetrack that placed Star-Lord as the new King of the Spartax Empire, a couple of attacks by cosmic heavy hitters threatens to bring that (and the lives of our heroes and the planet Spartax itself) to an end.

   Thankfully, that translates into a (mostly) fun battle from start to  finish, as the team deals with the Hulk-like menace known as Yotat (you can expect lots of punching).

   As always, Brian Michael Bendis provides a fast and fun script with lots of humor - and hopefully, with the wrap-up of this storyline, the focus can be more on the characters and big adventure, and less on political machinations.

Grade: B+


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