Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Uncanny Inhumans #4

   I do so love an intelligent story, and that's what we're getting in each issue (so far) of Uncanny Inhumans.

   The story starts with a tragic twist. As the world was threatened with destruction (prior to the Secret Wars), Black Bolt wanted to protect his son Ahura from the inevitable, so he took the extraordinary step of asking Kang the Conqueror to guard and protect his son.

   But when the Earth was... restored, shall we say... then Black Bolt tried to retrieve his son - but that only roused Kang's anger (a deal is a deal, after all), and he used his time traveling skills - and a grown Ahura - to set about wiping the Inhumans from reality.

   Time travel stories can be a bit dicey, and stopping a time master is almost impossible - but writer Charles Soule has cooked up some clever twists and some strong character beats here.

   Add to that terrific art by Steve McNiven and Jay Leisten and you have a powerful start to this series.

   And considering the hit-and-miss success of the Inhumans over the years since their were created, it's great to see them hit one out of the park.

Grade: A


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