Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Totally Awesome Hulk #2

   I wasn't expecting much from this series.

   That's mostly because of the title, but I have to admit that (so far) The Totally Awesome Hulk is a lot of fun!

   I knew the art was going to be great - Frank Cho is an amazing artist, born to draw humorous stories loaded up with monsters, beautiful women and lots of action. Check, check and check!

   And I figured the story was in good hands, since Greg Pak has returned to his most famous character (sorta), having made his name with the Planet Hulk series.

   Together they've given this series - and the character - a fresh look and a unique story (and they're slowly letting us know what happened to the original Hulk).

   My only question is: why is Rom depicted in the circle on the corner of the cover?

   (I kid - it's not really Rom. But it got my hopes up for a second there.)

Grade: A-


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