Monday, January 4, 2016

Ragnarok #7

   This definitely isn't your Dad's Thor.

   It's always great to see Walt Simonson creating new comics adventures, and even better to see him return to the tales of a certain Thunder God - but Ragnarok stars a very different Thor.

   This is the story of what happens after the universe-shattering events of the Twilight of the Gods. Somehow Thor survives (though he doesn't look it) - but this is the mythological Thor, not the Marvel version.

   So he's not particularly warm and fuzzy (in fact, he's often grim and rather merciless), and he's on a mission of vengeance against the forces that destroyed Asgard - and his family and friends.

   As you'd expect from Simonson, the issue just crackles with energy, with intense battle sequences and a shocking turn of events - and it's just the warm-up (so to speak) before the battle royale that's on tap for next issue.

   Simonson's enthusiasm for this series is infective, and he seems to be enjoying the opportunity to dig deep into Norse Mythology.

    I love this series!

Grade: A



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