Saturday, January 30, 2016

Justice League of America #7

    Six issues in (don't let the number on the cover fool you) and this Bryan Hitch written-and-drawn series continues to percolate nicely.

   It features the Justice League of America fighting an impossible fight against a god-like figure of incredible power. The story mingles in some mythology, time travel and the early history of the planet Krypton.

   And just when you think Hitch is just lifting freely from Childhood's End, he gives it a different spin - and a surprising sequence at the end of the issue.

   The art, of course, is tremendous - both for the fresh and heroic characters and the incredible settings.

   So far, this has been a strong series (missed issue aside), and it's great to see the "classic" team (with Cyborg replacing the Martian Manhunter) unencumbered by continuity concerns - just like the classic series!

Grade: A-



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