Saturday, January 2, 2016

Justice League #47

   This issue of Justice League is much better than the last one, as we see actual movement toward a conclusion of this "event that feels like an event but isn't disrupting the continuity of every issue in the company."

   All the characters have stuff to do that actually affects the story, and everyone's acting (more or less) in character.

   It's also nice to see Jason Fabok back on the art, since he got the whole thing started.

   So, a good comic.

   Now let's talk about the cover. I didn't pay much attention when I picked this up at the shop, but I got one of those bagged "Harley's Little Black Book" versions, and when I opened it, I found this artwork - a lovely pencil sketch by Jim Lee of Harley Quinn.

   Of course, it doesn't really make any sense - and DC has been doing this a lot. I suppose it helps sales when you can con the readers into buying more than one copy of a comic to collect all the alternate covers.

   (There must be fans out there who do this, but are there enough to justify irritating the rest of fandom?)

   I usually pick the cover I like best and buy that one. Or whichever one is cheaper.

   Has Harley Quinn ever appeared in a Justice League comic? I can understand the recent Flash and Green Lantern 50th Anniversary Tribute covers (though I didn't buy any), and I assume the idea here is to promote Harley's new book, but it just seems like an unneeded distraction from an excellent series.

   The cover has traditionally been used to sell the comic inside. Only in today's market are the contents secondary to the wrapping.

Grade: A-


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