Sunday, January 17, 2016

Groo: Friends and Foes #12 (of 12)

   For a dozen issues, Groo: Friends and Foes has been sort of a family reunion on the fly, as each issue casts the spotlight on a different member of the addled barbarian's wide-ranging supporting cast.

   For the final issue, we focus on the newest addition to the list - a little girl named Kayli, who's been popping in and out of the story, looking for her long-lost father (though unlike the legendary secret messages that once were hidden in each issue, there hasn't been much doubt about who her father is - and no, it isn't Groo).

   This issue has something for every comics fan: Groo's death! The return of the entire cast of the previous 11 issues! A heart-touching story about loss and separation! Rufferto! Cheese Dip! A double-page spread that I feel certain has damaged my eyesight beyond repair! Plus the usual laughs and mayhem!

   Also, it's the final issue of Groo. Until the next mini-series (there are actually two in the works, proving there is a comic book God).

   Kudos as always to Sergio Aragones, the King of Comics That Are Actually Funny, and Mark Evanier, for whatever it is he does.

   This maxi-series has done double-duty as a great story and a terrific intro to the character for those who are somehow just now discovering Groo. Where have you been hiding?

Grade: A



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