Sunday, January 24, 2016

Batman #48

   I realize this storyline will be wrapping up in the next issue or two (depending on whether or not #50 is the big finale or a fresh start for a new story), but it can't end soon enough for me.

   Batman hasn't been himself since the last big storyline, a confrontation with the Joker that left Bruce Wayne with no memory of his heroic side.

   In the meantime, Commissioner Gordon has been playing the part of Batman, leaning on high-tech devices to cover for the fact that he isn't actually Batman.

   Gotham City is being ravaged by the plant monster named Mister Bloom, a murderous creature racking up a huge (and disgusting) body count.

   Can Gordon prevail? Will Bruce get back in action? Why is Alfred being so annoying?

   Beats me.

   The Batman title has been very hit-and-miss for me since the "New 52" reboot, but unless things turn around fast, #50 will be my last issue for a while. (Same for the Superman comic.)

   I'm almost out of DC Comics to buy! Perhaps the promised line-wide reboot will lure me back.

   (Nah, I don't believe it, either.)

Grade: C+



Dwayne said...

It makes me sad that there aren't DC titles that I buy any more.

Chuck said...

i sympathise, Dwayne - my DC list has shrunk to an all-time low (Justice League may soon be the last man standing).