Thursday, January 21, 2016

Astro City #31

   There are precious few writers today who can evoke the classic style of comics adventures while retaining a modern feel to their stories.

   Alan Moore has had some success with it, but Kurt Busiek is the master.

   Through his Astro City series, he takes us to familiar (yet unique) comic book settings, and somehow makes them fresh and fun.

   This issue, for example, feels like a classic Avengers adventure (with guest appearances by other heroes) as the monstrous Living Nightmare escapes and goes on a Hulk-like rampage - but why, and who's behind it?

   The answer (which includes a delightfully-designed bad guy) and the solution by the Honor Guard, is a real delight - I just kept smiling throughout.

   The art is by Jesus Merino, and it's very good - in fact, a few pages made me think it was Brent Anderson. And as always, Alex Ross' cover is amazing.

   But the story's the star, and it's one that bridges the gap between the sense of wonder that made those comics in the '60s so much fun, and the fast-paced tales full of twists and turns that are becoming today's standards.

   And it's "done in one" issue, instead of taking up a half-dozen issues.

   Great stuff!

Grade: A


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