Saturday, January 9, 2016

Archie #5

   Each issue of the "new" Archie has focused on a different member of the time-honored cast - so with the fifth issue, it's time to give perennial bad guy / mischief-maker Reggie Mantle the spotlight.

   To his credit, Mark Waid resists the urge to give us a full-fledged origin story for Reggie. Most everyone who's had the experience of going to school has run into a similar personality - someone who seems to be mean just for the sake of meanness.

   He's drawn into the ever-growing friction between Veronica and Archie's longtime friends, Betty and Jughead - and who better to spark conflict than the master?

   Waid (with artist Veronica Fish) continues to build a new series using the most reliable and enduring building blocks that have made the series so enduring - all while updating it for a modern audience.

   Very impressive!

Grade: A-


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Mr. Brooks said...

A great issue. While I loved Waid's take on Reggie (the closest Riverdale will have to a super-villain), his take on Archie scored big. Waid remembered that Archie, despite his occasional bumbling, is a honorable kid. And you do not mess with his friends..."EVER". Love, like Betty and Jughead, Archie is not intimidated by Reggie.

But I'm glad Reggie's snark is in full effect. That makes great comedy. That and Jughead's zingers putting Reg in his place.

ARCHIE (and Waid's DAREDEVIL)is the perfect textbook example of moving a series forward while respecting the subject matter (and the fans).

God I wish Mark Waid was in charge of the SUPER books.