Monday, December 21, 2015

Weirdworld #1

   Following up on the mini-series that started as a Secret Wars spinoff (of sorts), Weirdworld returns with a new creative team and a new dynamic.

   It lives up to its name, but sadly it doesn't continue the storyline from the previous series - at least, not yet.

   The focus here shifts away from the star of the previous series, Arkon (I think that's him on page three, but I'm not sure - he isn't seen again in this issue).

   Instead we meet Becca Rodriguez, a young woman who finds herself in a world of madness after her flight to Mexico somehow crashes on Weirdworld.

   She faces all kinds of horrific monsters - and a possible female ally. And a certain familiar sorceress is also getting involved.

   The first series worked because of the quest basis for the story - and it focused on an interesting hero. I'm not sure this series can survive without those elements.

   The first issue needs to grab the reader and hook 'em good. This issue isn't bad - there are some good moments - but I'm not hooked at all.

    As the Magic 8-Ball might say: for this series, the future is cloudy.

Grade: B-


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