Friday, December 11, 2015

The Twilight Children #3 (of 4)

   There are certain comics that fans (like yours truly) will buy just on the strength of the names of the creative team - and a comic that brings together Gilbert Hernandez and Darwyn Cooke is a “must-buy.”

   So I’ve been following The Twilight Children  - and both of the creators, happily, are living up to their “living legend” status. 

   The four-part series focuses on the people on a small tropic island - and the mysterious events that have changed lives, including a large, mysterious orb of light that pops up in the darndest places.

   It’s a series loaded with rich characters, from the inquisitive scientist who finds more than he bargains for, to the hot housewife who always gets what she wants, to her jealous lover, the irritated sheriff and an exotic woman who may not be from our planet.

   It’s a lot of fun trying to unravel the puzzles, and the story keeps you happily off-balance.

   The art is wonderful. Cooke is a tremendous artist, of course, but each page just ripples with energy and life and spirit. His style is unique and delightful.

   So where is the series going? I have no idea. Isn’t that great?

Grade: A



Dwayne Takeda said...

I just discovered this series with issue 3 and luckily, was able to find issues 1 and 2. I am also a Darwyn Cooke fan. I try not to miss anything he does. I agree with your review, but I'll add that most series seem too long, like they're stretching the story. With this, it's the opposite. This one I can't believe is going to be over in 4 issues. There's so many characters and situations, that I can't help but think that wrapping it all up next month is going to feel rushed.

Chuck said...

I wonder the same thing. Perhaps the plan is to do a series of 4-issue stories. Hopefully!

Dwayne Takeda said...

I imagine a series where we never really know the source of the orbs, but it's about the people in town. So it go could go on indefinitely.