Friday, December 4, 2015

Jessica Jones - TV Review

   Running a bit late but I finally got a chance to see the first episode in Marvel's NetFlix series, Jessica Jones, which is based on the character in the Alias comic book by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos.

   It's been getting some well-deserved rave reviews, and it's easy to see why - it's a raw, rough-and-tumble look at the "adults only" underbelly of the Marvel universe (which is to say, this isn't a show for kids).

   The focus is on the title character, a smart private investigator who works a dirty job to make a living - and is obviously much more than she seems to be. Through clever editing and a fast-paced, multi-leveled story, we see glimpses of her powers - and flashes of the dark figure in her past who nearly destroyed her life.

   The show is as much about horror as a detective story. You get the sense of a net drawing around Jessica, as she's forced to confront a monster from her past, and struggles with demons and her own nightmares.

   Jessica is brought to life in brilliant fashion by Krysten Ritter,  who exudes the character's dark, sexy and intelligent side, all while reflecting a tragic, traumatic past.

   There are lots of Easter eggs for longtime fans, from casual mentions of other heroes to the inclusion of Luke Cage (who'll have his own series soon) and "Trish" Walker (I prefer the name Patsy).

   While there's definitely a hopeful, heroic side to the story (and a bit of humor), be warned that this is not the usual upbeat kind of story we've come to expect from Marvel. Instead, the focus is on the street-level character and the deadly world she lives in.

   It's a powerful, compelling story - highly recommended!

Grade: A



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