Saturday, December 19, 2015

All-New X-Men #2

   There's a lot to like about the new version of the All-New X-Men - great art, I really like the characters (the original, teenaged X-Men, minus Marvel Girl, plus the new Wolverine), I like the idea of the team roaming the country helping mutants, and - so far - I like the story.

   The story focuses on young Cyclops, whose grown-up self has become a hated pariah (though we're not exactly sure why - and we don't know what happened to older Cyclops).

   We meet a new team of mutants who talk about fighting for the legacy of "The Ghost of Cyclops," and that doesn't give them much credibility with the younger Scott Summers.

   The only problem with this issue is that it doesn't move the bar much from the last issue.

   That's typical for comics these days, so it's not unusual for the story to be stretched out a bit.    

   So far I like the new series, but the ending of this issue felt a lot like the ending of the first one.

Grade: B+


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