Thursday, November 12, 2015

Secret Wars #7 (of 9)

   The big problem facing the heroes still standing on Battleworld is: how do you defeat a god named Doom?

   The solution to that problem is what Secret Wars is moving toward. The handful of survivors from the "previous" Earths are working together to find a way to defeat Dr. Doom, and they're finally moving out of the shadows.

   Their plan includes inciting war between the various Battleworld factions - some support Doom, some seek to overthrow him - and much of the issue is dedicated to that fight between powerhouses.

   There are other plots in motion, as well, as enemies are forced to work together in a common cause.

   Writer Jonathan Hickman has been weaving this story together for quite a while now, and it's hard to believe that it'll wrap up in just two more issues.

   As always, Esad Ribic's art is stunning, with lots of high-powered opponents on display.

   So far, this series continues to deliver the goods. Two more issues (and who knows how many months) will tell.

Grade: A-



Anonymous said...

Why the minus?

Chuck said...

Good question! It's mostly because the story is incomplete. A single issue in a mini-series (or maxi-series) can't quite stand alone - its success depends a lot on the ending. So a strong ending will bring up the score of the series, a poor ending will bring it down. But since I have to judge this chapter on its own merits, I felt it didn't quite advance the story enough, so it came up just short of being worthy of an "A."

Anonymous said...

Good thoughts. The disjointed nature of the story has bothered me and the "We just don't have time" explanation is made more insulting as these final issues are so late....