Monday, November 2, 2015

Jirni:2 #3

   Sometimes you pick up a comic and don't expect much - and for some reason, Jirni hit me that way.

   But I was wrong - I'm enjoying it!

   Just think of it as leaning on a mix of the concepts of Conan, Red Sonja and the She-Hulk and you'll be in the right neighborhood.

   It follows the adventures of a warrior woman whose mother was a Djinn - and Jirni's quest is to find and free her mother from slavery.

   She's been traveling on a pirate ship, and the story allows room for some stunning visuals - this story seems to move her closer to her ultimate goal (and we actually see the depowered Jirni, if just briefly).

   It seems like this should feel like a derivative story, but it's actually fresh and fun. Recommended!

Grade: A-


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