Monday, November 16, 2015

Batman #46

   I realize that murderous villains have become the standard in modern comics, but this issue of Batman manages to achieve a new low.

    The issue's "big bad" is a new villain named Bloom - and the opening scene has him (I think it's a "him") casually killing innocent bystanders at a party - some in the most gruesome fashion.

   Sort of a living plant, Bloom is able to extend his body (and especially his fingers) like swords, slicing through bodies and leaving stacks of the murdered in his wake.

   It's brutal and not at all for young readers.

   I've been down on this series since the whole "substitute Batman" story started, and this issue is the worst of the bunch.

   If this was a story about Batman saving the innocent or stopping criminals, I'd be all for it.

   Instead we get villains running wild and the "new" Batman failing again and again. These are the kinds of stories that drive away longtime fans.

   You know, like me.

Grade: C+


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