Sunday, October 4, 2015

Superman #44

   I'm amazed at how much I dislike the "secret identity no more" story in Superman, and how similar it is to the same story years ago in Spider-Man's title.

   For many heroes, revealing their secret identity isn't that important - they have limited supporting casts or no real secret identity (Captain America) - or their secret identity is already famous (Iron Man).

   But for an iconic hero like Superman, revealing his Clark Kent side makes his life a permanent nightmare - and this issue is dedicated to showing how bad it can be.

   And as we've seen in recent issues, Superman keeps responding by behaving less and less like a hero. It's painful to watch, frankly.

   The whole story feels like nothing more than an imaginary story. How will the writers resolve this issue?

   The bigger question is, will anyone hang around long enough to read the resolution? I'm beginning to doubt that I'll be there.

Grade: C


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