Thursday, October 8, 2015

Secret Wars #6 (of 8)

   It's interesting that Secret Wars affects virtually every character in the Marvel Universe - but at its cosmic heart, it's a Fantastic Four story.

    Consider that the central figure is Dr. Doom. He's being opposed by two incarnations of Reed Richards (including the one from the Ultimate Universe). His closest advisors are his consort, Sue (Invisible Woman) Storm, and his daughter Valeria (Sue's daughter).

   We also find out the whereabouts of her brother Johnny (Human Torch) Storm and the Thing, as forces begin to move against Doom.

   It's a big story - a vast chessboard of characters, motivations and machinations.

   And I'm glad to see Marvel's first family at the heart of the story - especially since the group's regular title is on hiatus, and the recent film didn't treat them well.

   Kudos to writer Jonathan Hickman, artist Esad Ribic and color artist Ive Svorcina for another terrific chapter in this tale.

   The elements of the story have been building for a couple of years - so it would be difficult to pick up the story at this point.

   But for those who've been following along (or who have read the collections) know that it's a terrific accomplishment - that all-too-rare event that promises big things - and delivers!

Grade: A


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