Saturday, October 24, 2015

Justice League #45

   After the shocking conclusion to last issue, things take a surprising story for (most of) the members of the Justice League as the "Darkseid War" continues.

   We've seen Batman altered by linking up with the Mobius Chair, and now several other members of the team are affected by mysterious forces - some for the better, and others, not so much.

   The effects are forcing the team into different directions, and as a result, this self-contained "event" is now spilling out into six other issues (boo hiss) - so it's become just like every other event in recent memory, forcing the reader to buy a bunch of comics to keep up with the story.

   I'm surprised to see a new artist on the series already, but certainly Francis Manapul is a great talent, bringing his unique vision and vibrant style to the series.

   Geoff Johns' story continues to surprise - this is the kind of epic scale this series should be trading in - it's a perfect fit.

Grade: A-


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