Thursday, October 1, 2015

Justice League #44

   I've been impressed that this series feels like a big event book - but one that's entirely contained in the Justice League title.

   But word must have leaked out, because there are ads running about several tie-in books coming up (though oddly, the ad isn't included in this issue).

   This issue is loaded with all kinds of cosmic, larger-than-life battles, some surprising revelations, a heck of a climactic battle and more characters than you can shake a Mother Box at.

   The battle comes down to Darkseid battling the Anti-Monitor with their armies and flunkies fighting it out on the edges - and the Justice League is almost secondary to the story, as members of the team are off trying to solve the mystery of the Anti-Monitor's origin - while others are fighting for their lives on Apokolips.

   It's a crazy, all-out battle royal, that certainly gives you your money's worth - but it's almost too much to keep up with.

   Still, it's great to see a story on this scale in the book that should be - and is - the best that DC has to offer.

Grade: A-


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