Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Eternal Soulfire #4

   This series is so close to being something special.

   Eternal Soulfire focuses on a young woman, Cassidy, who has undergone a surprising transformation, as she sprouted gossamer wings and suddenly found herself a target of mysterious military-type forces.

   When it focuses on her and her discovery of the new world that's dawning for her, it's a fun series. Something as simple as a visit to a club is a delight.

   But then we have to deal with the whole "the military / government / authority hates us because we're different" thing - it's all well-worn ground and just feels too much like the same old shtick.

   The art is very nice, although Alex Konat, Julie Salvatierra and Mark Roslan don't get many opportunities to draw anything more than some lovely women talking things over (well, there's a touching scene at the club).

   It feels wrong to be complaining about the action scenes and praising the quiet bits, but there you go.

Grade: B



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