Saturday, September 5, 2015

Silver Surfer #14

   While other Marvel comics are fighting to fit into the ongoing Secret Wars event, the Silver Surfer is happily skirting around the mini-series.

    Or not so happily. Having avoided the universe's final destruction, the Surfer and his companion Dawn Greenwood encounter some cosmic beings who make a shocking offer - to restore the universe, including all the friends and loved ones of the Surfer and Dawn.

   But what price will they have to pay?

   This series is something of an oddity - it operates apart from the rest of the Marvel Universe, and it has a distinctive '60s flavor.

   A large part of that is Mike Allred's expressive, unique and energetic art. He's had lots of room to run wild in this series with wild (sometimes psychedelic) art, just as writer Dan Slott has crafted flights of imagination and originality.

   Put them together and you get a comic that's unique and a heck of a lot of fun!

Grade: B+


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