Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Rai #10

   Like the Magnus: Robot Fighter title, Rai is set 2000 years into the future - and it's not a happy place.

   Instead, it's a grim existence where our protagonist and his allies must fight constantly to survive.

   It's been especially difficult for Rai, who fights for the people of New Japan (that nation now can be found in orbit) - but the intellect that rules that land has cast him out - literally - and he must fight to survive.

   In order to prepare for his return to New Japan, Rai goes in search of a possible ally - but it's a quest that may prove deadly - or impossible.

   It's pretty grim going in this story by Matt Kindt, but he keeps things fresh, original - and moving briskly along.

   The art by Clayton Crain is dark and moody, a perfect match for the story rolling out - but it does perhaps get a bit too murky in places.

    It's a powerful story, so if you don't mind (or are a fan of) the grim and gritty storytelling, you should be reading Rai.

Grade: B+


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