Sunday, September 20, 2015

Hawkeye #5

   It's amazing how quick a comic can gain your interest - or lose it.

   I was late picking up on the Hawkeye comic written by Matt Fraction (thank you, collections) -  but once I started buying it, I was hooked.

   The follow-up series by writer Jeff Lemire and artist Ramon Perez has been pretty solid - until this issue.

   Each issue has been split between a story of Clint Barton's childhood, as he and his brother Barney seek refuge from an abusive foster father by running away with the circus - but is their new mentor, the Swordsman, a better role model?

   In the present, the two Hawkeyes - Clint and Kate Bishop - are faced with a big problem, as they try to protect some strangely-mutated children from the hordes of Hydra.

   And that's where this series jumped the shark, as Clint and Kate make a horrific decision - one that's completely out of character, one they would never make - except in the pages of a comic book that didn't understand the stars of the book.

   So, just as fast as I was pulled into the series, I find myself booted out - these are not characters I want to read about.

Grade: D



Anonymous said...

Interesting take. I found it to be the concept of two reasonably good characters stuck in an impossible situation where there's no "right" answer. Given the "plot twist" at the end (no spoilers), I imagine they'll get the chance to redeem themselves, but I might be wrong.

Chuck said...

That's a good point, and it's certainly possible that later stories will "correct" this issue's mistake - but it just struck me as being terribly wrong for those characters. Even if Clint occasionally screws up, Kate should have known better. Hopefully it'll be sorted out eventually.