Friday, September 25, 2015

Fury #1

   As past of Marvel's ongoing 50th Anniversary celebration of all things SHIELD, it's good to see them break off an issue for the character who started the whole thing off in the pages of Strange Tales - after all, that first adventure was titled Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD!

   (Funny that I can remember that - in those days - SHIELD stood for Supreme Headquarters International Espionage and Law Enforcement Division. I have no idea what it stands for now, and I'm too lazy to look it up. Google away, dear readers!)

   Of course, now there are two guys named Nick Fury - the real one and the Samuel Jackson one who, in the comics, is the son of the original.

   The real one has been (more or less) written out of continuity, sadly enough, but this issue manages to work out a team-up of the two super-spies.

   It's clever enough, although we could see the ending from a mile away - and the resolution is perhaps a bit too easy.

    Still, I'm happy just for the chance to see the original model back in action. Nothing against the new version - I like him in the Marvel movies a lot - but for this old fan, there's only one Nick Fury - Juniors need not apply.

Grade: B



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