Sunday, September 27, 2015

Batgirl #44

   The "new" Batgirl series has been pretty strong up to this point, but it was about due for a stumble - and here it is.

   This issue finds Barbara Gordon running up against a tigerish female villain who, frankly, doesn't feel very menacing at all.

   Also, I'm not sure the creative team understands how tranquilizer darts work. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that once a dart is fired and delivers its load of sedative, it can't be plucked out and reused without reloading. And if it could, the amount of sedative used to knock out a tiger would probably kill a human.

   So yeah, it's that kind of issue - a little action, a little romance, but not a lot of actual story there. I have to admit that I'm also losing track of the ever-expanding supporting cast - who are these people again?

   Of course, this series is aimed at a younger audience. Maybe they have an easier time keeping up with such things.

   Like I said, for me, this issue was a bit of a misstep (it happens to every series - no reason to panic). Here's hoping it's back on the usual dance floor for the next issue.

Grade: B-



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