Thursday, September 10, 2015

A-Force #4

   I've been disappointed with this series so far - it just hasn't always made sense and it hasn't made good use of its cast of terrific characters (some of the company's most famous female heroes).

   But with this issue, A-Force seems to be back on solid ground.

   That's probably because this issue dispenses with the mostly nonsensical story and focuses on that old standby, the donnybrook!

   The female version of the Avengers have been dealing with a hidden traitor - but hey, who needs surprises? That mystery they've been building toward for three issues? THE COVER GIVES IT AWAY! (See yesterday's review of the Thunderbolts premiere issue.)

   (Ahem.) Despite that, this is a fun issue. Lots of fighting, some satisfying punching, and some strong artwork.

   The story's a bit thin, but it's an entertaining issue - finally!

   Apparently this series will survive the end of the Secret Wars (whatever that means), so here's hoping the improvements continue!

Grade: B+


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