Saturday, August 1, 2015

Thors #2

   Shades of the Green Lantern Corps! (Or perhaps Hill Street Blues.)

   Caught up in the odd reality created during the Secret Wars, we find every version of Thor (and some we've never seen before) all co-existing and serving as Doctor Doom's police force across the face of Battleworld.

   The version known as Ultimate Thor is leading an investigation into a series of murders. It's a tangled mystery, as several women are found dead - and they're all the same woman.

   The investigation has also resulted in the death of a member of the Thor Corps - and we finally catch up with a character I'll just call "Real Thor."

   The whole idea is crazy, and the biggest surprise of all is that it actually works. (Though there are some plot irregularities - for example, why does Ult. Thor let his first real suspect simply walk away?)

   The art is terrific, as you'd expect from Chris Sprouse (working here with Goran Sudzuka) - and that last page will definitely bring us all back for the next chapter.

Grade: A-


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Anonymous said...

I'm still stunned how much I enjoy this limited series. Well written and drawn. Did not see that coming....