Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Classics - Starman #0

   Among the many difficult things to manage in comics, let's include rebooting a classic Golden Age character while staying true to his origins, bringing a hero's child into the spotlight, and reforming a once-evil villain.

   Yet writer James Robinson and artist Tony Harris (with Wade Von Grawbadger on inks) manage exactly that - crafting a new series around the now-elderly Starman and his two sons.

   One son, David, is heroic, taking up his father's mantel - so we're shocked when he is killed, and the original hero may be dead as well.

   That just leaves son Jack, who is no hero. He's more of a slacker who has no interest in fighting the bad guys - until one of Starman's classic villains threatens his life, his family - and his city.

   So he becomes a different Starman - one who eschews the traditional superhero costume and the standard story arc.

   One of his great allies is The Shade, a former criminal who may - or may not - have reformed (in fact, the series could almost have been titled "The Shade" - he's a key figure who's reinvented for this series and - sometimes - is the most interesting person in the issue).

   With a great supporting cast, terrific villains and a really interesting take on a classic hero, this series became a "must-read" - one of DC's best. And it's a finite series, as DC allowed Robinson to craft a beginning, middle and end to the long-running story.

   The creative team crafted a terrific, offbeat but mighty entertaining series that just kept getting better and better as it went along. I think it's one of the best things Robinson ever created.

Grade: A



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