Thursday, August 13, 2015

Secret Wars #5 (of 8)

   At last, some answers!

   After months of hints and peeks, we finally see the curtain pulled back and learn how Battleworld was formed - at least in part.

   The story in this issue of Secret Wars bounces back and forth from the past - wherein we learn of the pivotal roles played by Dr. Doom, Dr. Strange and the Molecule Man, as they confronted the Beyonder(s) at the end of the universe.

   We learn the reason behind the destruction of all the alternate universes, and the key role lowly Owen (Molecule Man) Reece played in it all.

   Meanwhile, in the "present," Doom is not happy with the latest turn of events. Dr. Strange is dead, but not before he managed to scatter the survivors of the original Marvel and Ultimate Universes to the far corners of Battleworld.

   Among the missing: two versions of Reed Richards and Thanos.

   So Doom gathers his forces to track down the missing visitors.

   As always, it's a terrific story with cosmic scope and heart by Jonathan Hickman, with stunning art by Esad Ribic.

   Too many events don't live up to their "special" billing. So far, this one is setting the standard the other Events only aspired to.

Grade: A


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