Friday, August 7, 2015

Red Sonja Conan #1

   Well, Red Sonja has certainly changed from the days when she first met Conan the Barbarian.

   At the time (this was the early '70s), she refused to give herself to a man until he had defeated her in combat.

   In this series, the two team up to lead an army against a wizard (and his army), but before the battle - well, let's just say the two get cozy. Who needs vows of celibacy?

   I do enjoy seeing the two teaming up again (oh, get your minds out of the gutter).

   It's  solid sword-and-sorcery / fantasy adventure story written by Victor Gichler, and the art by Roberto Castro (with colors by Alex Guimaraes) is powerful, with beautiful women, manly heroes and gruesome monsters.

   Heck, the issue is worth buying just for the stunning cover by Alex Ross (although Red seems a little too fresh and unscarred for a warrior).

   My only question is: why does Red gets top billing on the cover? Perhaps they alternate.

Grade: B+


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