Monday, August 3, 2015

Ninjak #5

   This series might shock the casual reader, because this isn't a "cute ninja" story - instead, Ninjak is much more of an adult action adventure story with a healthy dose of James Bond thrown in for good measure.

   And this is a hero who can take punishment - which is good, because he gets more than his share here, as he faces certain death at the hands of a crimson-haired beauty (who also happens to be an assassin), and her boss, a monstrous Sumo wrestler of a guy who holds a powerful secret.

   And that's just the beginning of a search for the Seven who are threatening the world with futuristic technology - and a mysterious agenda.

   This is a series with a definite adult edge - the encounters are violent, the protagonist tough, smart and often ruthless. He's not a role model - but his exploits are very entertaining.

   Highly recommended for mature readers!

Grade: A-


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