Wednesday, August 5, 2015

New Comic Book Day

   I think I made history today. Since I started this blog (lo, several years ago), every week has included one of Marvel's new comics - and usually at least one DC comic, too.

   But this week, I didn't find anything from either company that I wanted to pick up. Here's what I bought:

- The Fox #5 - The final showdown against a army of villains!

- Red Sonja / Conan #1 - A meting of the minds! (Not really.)

- The Shadow #1 - Couldn't pas it up for a buck.

- The Spirit #2 - Where is the Spirit? (Part 2.)

   And that's it!

   Thankfully, I have some review pdfs, including: Bloodshot Reborn #5, Imperium #7, Jirni #1 and Shahrazad #5 - or else I wouldn't have enough comics to provide a daily review!


Dwayne said...

Actually, I've been noticing your trend lately of less DC and Marvel reviews and more for indies. That's kind of been my buying pattern too for the last year or so.

Chuck said...

Dwayne, that's true! I try to mix up the reviews, so I'm not just focusing on one company. And there's so much diversity in comics these days, no single company has a monopoly on my money.