Saturday, August 15, 2015

A-Force #3

   I really want to like this series - but it won't let me.

   A-Force is set on the Battleworld (Secret Wars) land known as Arcadia. It was a happy place - until this series started.

   Since then, the city / land / whatever it is has been attacked by giant sharks and Sentinels - nothing the powerful women who live there can't handle, but in fighting back they're breaking "Doom's Law" - which results in instant banishment.

   At the end of the last issue, She-Hulk jumped through a mysterious portal to find the source of the problems - and instead found more Sentinels and not much else.

   The story just makes no sense. She-Hulk uncovers a clue, but we don't know how she arrives at her conclusion. Why do the heroes do things that bring down the wrath of the Thors (who enforce Doom's Law)? Why do they bother running when the Thors arrive looking to hand out justice? And what the heck is happening on the last page? No idea.

   The art by Jorge Molina and Craig Yeung is quite good, but the disjointed story doesn't support it.

   Perhaps it's just the weird Battleworld rules that make this series so disjointed. It has a great cast, it just needs to figure out what to do with them.

Grade: C+


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