Thursday, July 30, 2015

Superman #42

   One of the modern trends in comics is that the heroes who have secret identities are terrible at keeping that secret.

   It's downright disappointing to see Superman so afflicted. Throughout the Silver Age, Clark Kent was the master at covering up that identity, despite Lois Lane's best efforts.

   As the cover gives away, in this issue Lois discovers his secret - one that Clark made no actual effort to conceal, as he single-handedly smashes an army of robots - while still Clark.

   But that's just the beginning. Jimmy Olsen also knows his secret (though at least Clark told him), and so does everyone involved in the high tech organization known as HORDR.

   It may be a fixable problem (though it's difficult to see how), but if not, it's a terrible mistake. As we all learned from the short-lived story where Spider-Man revealed his identity, some characters work much better with a secret ID. Losing it cuts the hero off from his supporting characters and his "real world" life.

   It's s terrible thing to do, especially here, since Clark's personal life has only recently been returned to its optimal setting - with him reporting for the Daily Planet, working alongside Lois, Jimmy and Perry White.

   And as long as I'm complaining, I don't understand why Superman keeps using his new "explosive man" power, since it leaves him powerless and naked.

   Anyway, this series trundles on with great art from John Romita, Jr., and Klaus Janson - but the story by new writer Gene Yang is still on shaky ground.

Grade: B



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Mr. Brooks said...

I remember reading Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Lana Lang all saying when it comes to maintaining a secret identity nobody does it better than Superman. This is a joke.

After reading this issue I had an incredible urge to read SUPERMAN: CAMELOT FALLS. You know, back when Superman was worth reading.