Thursday, July 23, 2015

Cyborg #1

   I had high hopes for this series.

   I've been a fan of Cyborg since his first appearance in the New Teen Titans (some 35 years ago), and I'm happy to see him being "promoted" to membership in the Justice League - and now to his own series.

   He's loaded with potential, with a built-in supporting cast from both super-teams, as well as his father, the scientist who merged his son Victor Stone with mechanical parts, making Victor part man, and part machine.

   This issue is illustrated by one of DC's best, Ivan Reis (with Joe Prado inking), and he gives Vic a new look (more than one, actually) along with strong visuals throughout.

   Unfortunately, the story by David E. Walker just kind of lays there. We get some glimpses of a strange battle between aliens, with no clue about how it relates to our hero.

   We get a quick recap of Vic's origin, an introduction to his father and the lab that gave him his abilities - but otherwise, he just stands around talking and generally being treated poorly.

   As someone once said, you may only get one first issue in any series, so be sure to knock the reader's socks off.

   My socks didn't move a bit with this issue.

   Future issues may correct the creeping pace - but there's no changing the fact that the series is off to a painfully slow start.

Grade: C+



Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. Way too much standing around yapping. #1 issues should be packed with so much story goodness that readers are counting the days until the next issue. First issues should attract new readers and longtime fans, like an amazing TV pilot. That was not the case here.

But the artwork was A+.


Chuck said...

Bret, I agree. Certainly there's a lot of ground to be covered in a first issue - origins, introducing characters, setting, powers, etc. But there has to be some story - a hook to bring the reader back for issue #2.