Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Book of Death #1

   Not to be left out of the most popular trends in comics, Valiant kicks off a major event series this week with Book of Death.

   And what's hotter than death in comics?

   (Nothing, that's what.)

   So here's a series that offers a look at the grim fate facing the heroes in the Valiant universe.

   The problem centers around the person wearing the Geomancer role (as the title suggests, she's linked to the Earth's life force). She's being blamed for a murderous series of events in which nature seems to run wild. But all is not as it seems, of course.

   The young woman is actually from the future, and she brings with her the Book of Death, which outlines the fast-approaching fate of the world - and all the heroes who defend her.

   It promises to be an action-packed series, as heroes fight other heroes (another hot trend!) - and the stakes couldn't be higher.

Grade: A-


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