Friday, July 3, 2015

A-Force #2

   I really want to like this A-Force series, but with this issue, I'm struggling a bit.

   Located in the Secret Wars setting known as Battleworld, it focuses on a team of Avengers made up almost entirely of female super-heroes (the only exception is Namor, who is in here for some reason).

   Mysterious portals have appeared in Arcadia (the country where A-Force operates), and each one seems to bring a new powerful menace that only the members of A-Force can deal with.

   That's all well and good - but this issue doesn't really advance the story at all. The team fought a big, powerful menace last issue. This issue, they do it again.

   The art by Jorge Molina, Craig Yeung and Walden Wong is quite good, and I really like their character designs.

   But there are several odd disconnects in the issue, and I'm not sure if the blame goes to the writers (Marguerite Bennett and G. Willow Wilson) or the art team. For example, in one panel, a mysterious new character seems to transport several people - including Dazzler - out of harm's way. In the next panel, Dazzler is leaping into action with a different group of heroes.

   Characters who couldn't fly before (like Dazzler and She-Hulk) suddenly soar. And the last panel definitely leaves us scratching our heads.

   I think the series has tons of potential - strong art, lots of great characters, new and interesting heroes - but it needs to move forward, and it needs to keep its characters straight.

Grade: B


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