Friday, June 19, 2015

Thors #1

   Of all the wacky concepts that have been created by the Secret Wars / Battleworld concept, one of the most off-beat - yet strangely compelling - can be found in Thors.

   The concept apparently includes every alternate version of Thor ever - and quite a few we've never seen - all serving as the law enforcement arm of Dr. Doom's creation.

   So, as you'd expect, the main storyline in this issue is a forensic crime investigation.


   The Ultimate Thor is partnered with Beta Ray Bill (who I'm always happy to see), as they try to solve the mystery behind five seemingly unconnected murders.

   The concept sounds wonky, but the story by Jason Aaron actually works really well, and the artwork by Chris Sprouse and Karl Story is terrific - sometimes gritty, always large than life, with terrific character designs.

   For some reason I expected this series to be silly - but it's a clever concept and very compelling.

   Go figure!

Grade: A-


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

10x better than I expected. Spouse's art never fails, but is notoriously sloooooooow.