Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Classics - Mystery in Space #89

   I've written before (and will no doubt write again someday) about how much I enjoy the Silver Age adventures of Adam Strange, the ordinary earthman who teleports to an alien planet - Rann - where he uses his wits to rescue the world from assorted menaces.

   It was a clever idea for a comic and also boasted terrific artwork by Carmine Infantino, who was born to handle a series loaded with alien architecture, exotic weapons and locations and beautiful women.

   But as much as I liked the Mystery in Space comic (which was home to Adam during his heyday in the '60s), I became an even bigger fan when Hawkman and Hawkgirl took over the other part of the issue - especially as drawn by the great Murphy Anderson!

   Even when the villains were sub-par, the visuals were so strong that it was easy to forgive. In this issue, a crook (named on the cover as the Super-Motorized Menace - I think this was his first and last appearance) uses some advanced weaponry and a souped-up motorcycle to commit highway robberies.

   Hawkman manages to track him down, only to get caught in a mini-tornado generated by the cycle. A bit silly, but the visuals are stunning, and Hawkman's method of escape is a lot of fun.

   This is an issue I picked up as a kid, and it became an immediate favorite. Two terrific, smart heroes drawn by two of the top artists in the business - how could it miss?

   Of course, it didn't last forever. A few years later, Hawkman got his own comic, and eventually Anderson moved to another assignment - and Infantino left Adam Strange to take over Batman. Both books held on for another year or so under different artists and writers, but without those creative powerhouses, both titles faded away.

   But it was great while it lasted!

Grade: A



Hoy Murphy said...

This was my introduction to Hawkman, just a couple of issues after I had discovered and fell in love with Adam Strange's series (Alanna!), so this quickly became a favorite with me, too, especially the issues they crossed over.


Chuck said...

Hoy, it may have been my introduction to him, too. I had read some earlier Adam Strange stories, but Hawkman joined the "Mystery in Space" title just two issues before this one, and this may have been the first one I saw. It stuck with me - how I love that Anderson artwork!

Hoy Murphy said...

Sock-like boot in the exhaust pipe to stop the tornado. It's just (Silver Age) science!


Chuck said...

Ha! Works every time!