Thursday, June 25, 2015

Superman #41

   Writing about comics without spoiling the contents keeps getting more and more challenging, because the companies seem determined to spoil the stories before anyone else gets the chance.

   So the new issue of Superman starts a new storyline, which will culminate in what would be a shocking event, if not for the fact that we all know about it. 

   (No, I'm not going to spell it out.)

  I'm not looking forward to the event because in several other instances where similar stories have been tried, the series had to jump through hoops to correct the mistake.

   So far the new story is interesting as Clark receives guidance from a mysterious ally, which leads him up against some powerful opponents.

   It's a strong first issue by writer Gene Luen Yand, and the art by John Romita, Jr. and Klaus Janson is terrific, keeping the action moving right along.

   It's still too soon in the story to determine if this story will be worth following - but so far, it's off to an interesting start.

Grade: A-


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