Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Scarlett Couture #1

   Here's a spy story that takes a different approach to the time-honored genre - in more ways than one.

   It's actually a mix of high fashion and high security, some mysteries (big and small), all wrapped in original visuals.

   Created, written and drawn by Des Taylor, the focus is on Scarlett Couture, the sister of a fashion mogul who handles security for the family business.

   The story kicks off with a brutal scene, as two models have been kidnapped, and one is being tortured to reveal any secrets she might have uncovered.

   Scarlett races to the rescue, and it's a refreshingly real encounter, as she tries to outmaneuver the bad guys, save the models and stay alive.

   There are many plots afoot, and quite a few deaths tallied as the story rockets along.

    This is not a comic for young readers - there's some brutal violence and adult language on display here.

    The art style is interesting - it's not so much the usual "good girl" art as it is a unique, animation-like style. It's clean, expressive and very interesting.

   I'm anxious to see the rest of the story (this is the first of four chapters) to get a better feel for the storytelling style.

   But it's certainly off to a strong start.

Grade: A-



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Billy Hogan said...

This series caught my eye in Previews, but unfortunately I couldn't fit it into my budget. I love the art though.