Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Donald Duck #1

   It's great to see the Duck family (Uncle Scrooge and, of course, Donald Duck) back in print.

   I also like that the series is "double numbering" - the cover displays both #1 and #368 (if only more comics did this) - so the publisher, IDW, gets the "first issue" bragging rights, and longtime fans get the continuation of the original series.

   There are three stories included here, including: one that puts Donald in the role of a journalist who isn't really a journalist; one that has Donald ineptly trying to shoot a funny video (but who's the real patsy?); and Donald trying to tackle some DIY projects.

   The stories are fun, and the only mark against them is that the issue doesn't include any stories by Carl Barks or Don Rosa.

   But that's a minor quibble - the stories are high energy, with terrific art. Lots of fun for readers of all ages!

Grade: B+



Glen Davis said...

I'm waiting for Gyro Gearloose!

Chuck said...

Ha! Love Gyro! And since I was a sprout, I was fascinated by his little light-bulb-headed assistant. Does it have a name? No idea.

Kevin Findley said...

I think his name is Little Helper.