Saturday, April 18, 2015

Thor #7

   As we get closer to the reveal of the true identity of the new (female) Thor, we must first slide through a number of improbabilities.

   One is that Odin would use his evil brother Cul to animate the Destroyer (one of my favorite Thor opponents) and send it against the new Thor. All of which makes Odin: an idiot; and evil. If he was angry and vengeful, I could understand it. But evil? No.

   Another is that one of the prime candidates for Thor's secret identity makes her way to the Moon by piloting one of SHIELD's flying cars to the Moon (!) as though she were driving to the grocery store.

   This is such a common thing in comics, but unless super-speed is involved, writers need to realize that the Moon is a long, long, long way away. It took the real-life lunar explorers THREE DAYS to get there, flying at amazing speeds.

   I don't expect realism, but give us something to work with here (a wormhole, space warp, teleportation device - something).

   The art is nice, but I have to admit - I miss the real Thor. Perhaps, once the Secret War is over, he'll return. (I know, "Odinson" is still around. To which I can only say, bleh.)

   So far in the past couple of years, Marvel has managed to chase me away from comics I've been buying since the '60s, including Spider-Man, Captain America and Iron Man. I hope Thor doesn't join their ranks.

Grade: B-



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