Monday, April 20, 2015

The Fox #1

   Certainly one of the most off-beat (yet somehow mainstream) super-hero comics around must be The Fox from Dark Circle Comics.

   Written by Dean Haspiel and Mark Waid, and drawn by Haspiel, it follows the adventures of a regular guy - Paul Patton, Jr. - who finds himself something of a magnet to weirdness.

   In his real-life job as a photographer, he joins his grown son in a visit to the town of Beaver Kill, which is due to be flooded to make room for a badly-needed water source.

   But there's a problem - the company doing the flooding is run by his arch-enemy, and the Fox grew up in the town - so nostalgia runs strong.

   A reluctant hero, Paul keeps promising he's going to give up the hero game - and then things get weird again.

   So it's no surprise when he encounters a beautiful villain working on her own poisonous scheme - a plot that threatens father and son.

   The series has a great sense of humor, and doesn't take itself seriously. It's loaded with energy and good spirits.

   It's not for everyone, but I certainly enjoy it.

Grade: B+


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