Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hulk #15

   I have to admit I'm surprised at the ongoing story in this version of the Hulk.

   That's because stuff has actually... well, been happening!

   His brain amped up by Extremis, the Hulk has created a new persona - Doc Green - and has focused his considerable resources on the job of "curing" all those other gamma-powered characters (some good, some bad).

   That's great, because there are way too many such characters running around - but it's surprising, because those characters are all merchandisable - so you'd think the money folks would want to keep them around.

   But when you have too many gamma-powered characters (including at least three She-Hulks), it waters down the brand.

   This series has been sharp and well-written by Gerry Duggan, with terrific art by the dynamic Mark Bagley and Drew Hennessy.

   Next issue wraps it up, so we'll see if these changes "stick." One can only hope!

Grade: A-


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