Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Guardians Team-Up #4

   I'm willing to concede that the idea of teaming up the two prominent green female super-heroes sounds like a fun idea.

   But Guardians Team-Up doesn't get much mileage out of the idea.

   The story is basic enough - alien bounty hunters are after Gamora, who escapes to Earth. The fight moves to New York, where a certain green-skinned attorney gets involved.

   There were a few nice moments, but there's nary a surprise to be found.

   The whole thing just feels rushed and not well thought out.

   And the final scene doesn't make much sense, in addition to being unnecessarily violent.

   There's an art to good team-up books. It needs a strong story, some humor and a smudge of continuity.

   Not much of any of that here.

Grade: C


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